Selling online with Ebay – Advice from an amateur – please remember
that this is just friendly advice – I have no affiliation with or
training from Ebay.

Recommendation – sign up with Ebay – it's
free. Look for things that you would be interested in purchasing – take
note of people's choice of category that it is listed in.  Take note of
the photos – just one? Many? Are they compelling? Take note of the
seller's description, their shipping charges, and their feedback rating.

you have a feel for it – take a look around your sewing room and ask
yourself, 'can I turn some of the items I am no longer in love with
into a little money with which to purchase stuff i AM in love with??' 
That is the key to
casual selling on Ebay.  Don't think about
how much money you could make – but just concentrate on cleaning out
the old stuff and getting a few sheckles for it at the same time!

Some helpful things for easier selling…
Take lots of photos – make sure they are clear – if you blog, then you already can!

Find an online source to host them.  That's just fancy for Flickr or for Picasa web albums (my choice).  I also love Picasa
as a photo organizing system on my computer. Once uploaded to the web
album – you can either get the html for embedding a slide show of all
of your images directly into your item's description (in addition to
the 1 free photo given in your Ebay listing). 
PICTURES SELL! You can also use the html for a single photo and add it to your listing (instead of a slideshow).

Use the
turbo lister from Ebay – you can create a template to use again and again – saves a lot of time!

Oh and remember – be nice to your buyers – they could be a friend of yours and you don't even know it!

AND definitely – don't charge anymore more for shipping than your actual cost of shipping. Would you want to pay for it??

I will certainly answer any questions you have – but give me a bit of time for responding – super busy movin' lady right now!!

Oh and consider yourself lucky that I am not sharing any more of the diaper rash than I already have!!