These are the books are I reviewed during the latest podcast – NOTE: ALL IMAGES PROVIDED BY pomadour24 – THIS IS THE ETSY SELLER FROM WHOM I PURCHASED THESE BOOKS. (Thanks).

THIS is my favorite, combining wool with cotton and embroidery to create delicious designs… ISBN978-4-529-04476-9

This is another embroidery book from Japan about Scandanavia .. interesting, no? ISBN4-8347-2480-8

The teacups and coffee cups I salivated over…

This is the first book I discussed that relates to quilting! I LOVE the fabric choices in this book – just wish they were full size patterns, or can with a CD so we can print them out.. but alas, back to the photo copy machine … ISBN4-579-11078-1

Here is another embroidery book – mmmm — SMALL EMBROIDERY DESIGNS for KIDS

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