Sorry no podcast this weekend, I have been a crazy lady trying to go through all our stuff (ok I started with MY craft stuff) but it’s taking forever and then the babies nap (which is very good) but they use the ipod to listen to stimulating music (??) on the ipod I use to record… so no luck Charlie.

My first foray into the world of Flickr mosaics.  These are currently in my favorites and aren’t they just awesome? 

I can’t make the @#$@#$$@#  stupid underlining stop!!


1. green rabbit and carrot – pincushion, 2. Russian Doll Cushion, 3. 4.5 inch owl prototype, 4. blue ninepatch baby quilt full view, 5. retro 50s doll quilt, 6. stichettes-1, 7. ami_bird03, 8. hexapplique-1, 9. Ocean Wall Hanging – crab!

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