OK – here is the infamous (?) block with the tiny tiny square in a square center… It is from the Civil War Book page 86/87 and the block is titled ‘Gardening’


The top photo shows my ‘tip off the old podcast’ for this week – using a small water spritzer and a wooden iron on your foundation paper piecing. With Carol Doak’s paper – the printing bleeds when spritzed – not too bad, but it does. With some non-descript paper that I must have purchases from J. Hittle; no bleeding. Go figure.

Also – do use the add an eighth ruler! It really cuts down on bulk!

If you are interested in EQ6 – then this is the best price I found.… You need to add it to your basket for the discounted price to show up…

Book-e-Pod A Great Japanese embroidery book. You can find it at this ETSY shop .