I have (sadly) started to go through my stashes of craft supplies, both from the fabric/quilty world and the paper/mixed media world.  I simply cannot fathom MOVING all of that to another State!

What’s even more shocking is that I have accumulated all of this stuff WHILE living in California for the last 5 years – yikes!

So – if you head over to Etsy – within a quarter inch – you will find fabrics.  SPECIAL FOR PODCAST LISTENERS AND BLOG READERS (JUST CONVO ME THROUGH ETSY) ANY SET OF FABRICS WILL BE ONLY $10.00 RATHER THAN $15.95!  Come on now, you have to admit that is a great price!  Sold out!

You will also find some great scrap bags of fabric – and the special is buy one get one free!!Sold out!

Over on EBAY I am selling the mixed media craft supplies (paints, glues, walnut crystals, a collection of 32 (basically unused) twinkling H2O’s, etc).

Because of how Ebay works, I can’t do anything about the final prices, but if you do win one of the auctions – then include in the comment box during checkout that you are a listener and I will ADD MORE GOOD STUFF to your box (no extra shipping!).

Thanks for your support everyone!