Well well well – wonders do exist – posting the shownotes on the SAME day as I posted the episode?!  Impressing myself over here…

The fabric boxes that I use are sold by the gross – at firstchoicepackaging.com

The Dear Baby Jane blog that is a great gathering of woman (are there any men?) working together to keep motivated and create this mega quilt!  Here are the two squares I have done:
A2 is the gold and awesome background fabric (Same as seen here but in brown)

A1 is the green and background fabric – after I made that one I decided that my blocks would be 5" finished (easier to keep it straight in my head) so I added a border to it.  I do that A LOT – because I never really seem to get to the right size!

Blog of the pod:

That Silly Lil Doe – She has a great sense of humor that really comes through in her postings AND she is one crafty lady – my kind of combination! 

Tip off the old podcast:  (really, if anyone has a better working title for this bit of the episodes, I’m all ears!)

This is really last weeks Tip – creating your own one of these – with a little cup, fabric scraps and a seam ripper you have a great tool for cutting apart any chain piecing you do – try it, it really works well!

This week’s tip is to use your pins diagonally rather than horizontally – this way, it is much easier to remove the pins when sewing AND you have less pin distortion on the fabrics as well – it is not my original idea but for the life of me, I don’t remember where I heard about this… If you know, let me know so that I can give proper credit:)


And now for some of the websites I mentioned during the episode…

Quilters TV

Sew on TV

Twiddle Tails (the lady behind the dear baby jane site)

Big Slider Close Bags in Bulk

Hhhmmmm – I think that’s it folks!