I just didn’t get to recording this weekend – between Jarrod flying home on Saturday (and spending several hours picking him up from a very delayed flight – WITH – 2 crying babies in the backseat)


Desperately needing to go to Target because we were all out of

butt wipes and I had a gift certificate.  Don’t ask me how butt wipes (after $55.00 gc) ended up as a bill of $150.00.

And then spending Sunday TRYING to organize my craft room which is filled to the rim with stuff I really need to Ebay in order to simplify my life (just a little, please??)

And having a friend come and play with buttons. (can you believe she brought her own buttons so we could play with them??)

And taking the twins out for dinner to Chevy’s.

And listening to Jarrod practice the next job talk (for which he leaves at 3am tonight/tomorrow morning?)

I plum didn’t get the time.

BUT here are some pictures of MY button collection:)