Yesterday at around 4:30 pm, I could tell the twins were getting restless and I needed to get a few things at Trader Joe’s (for them, of course) so I bundled them up (California style) and off we went.

I figured it would be easiest to wear Sarah in a sling thing and put Max in the cart seat – well, it was easier for me – until.  I think Sarah got hot, and the line was LONG – but mummy REALLY wanted an OTT lamp for her the other side of her new table and they were on SALE!!  So she cried a little.  I tried to tell not to have a fit; have a toy.  But for whatever reason, she chose the former.  Tired baby girl is not a happy baby girl.  Max?  happily chewing away on the packaging of the ‘iron off’ I was purchasing (sorry again cashier lady for the soggy mess I handed you at check out – you were a dear).

But we still had to go to TJ’s!  So I put Sarah in the cart itself and she liked that much better.  So I had two carts – one full of babies and one full of groceries!  We usually are somewhat of a spectacle, but last night was a topper.

Next time?  Go earlier!