Show Notes for Episode 4 – Rabbits Prefer Chocolate – A Family Story…

As I said during the show, I’m trying to refocus this podcast into something a little more tangible, a little more personal.  Focused.

To that end, I am sharing a deeply personal story – one of sadness, of hope, and of jubilation and it all relates back to a little quilt that began several years ago…

This one

Show4_01_4  Trying to take a photo of a quilt when you really have nowhere to hang it is quite difficult!

But this is the famous ‘Rabbits Prefer Chocolate" Quilt that I have mentioned probably a thousand and two times in my podcasts… Maybe now you know why?Show4_07_2 Show4_02 Show4_03

Show4_04 Some close up shots (above) and then I really to get some good photos of the border so that you can tell whether to leave it or change it – but I’m not sure the overall effect has been achieved..

Any comments are welcome though:)