Flying by the seat of my pants.mp3

Ok – maybe nobody asked… but I really do enjoy recording these shows – perhaps you enjoy listening? If so – please do let me know:)

Here are the show notes for episode number 3 – ‘Flying by the seat of my pants’

Photos of the Playtime block I discussed:

Show3_07 Here is the Elephant on the pull toy (apparently the ‘pull’ comes with Month #5).


Close up the eyelashes


The Ball – wow, this is an exciting block.

Show3_01 The Altos cutting mat


Close up the "speed guage"

Show3_04 With a piece of fabric – maybe easier to understsand this way?

Don’t forget that their website has demo videos!  PS I am in NO WAY affiliated with this product.

Show3_05 This is the circle cutter sitting on top of the glass mat that I discussed.