As I stated in the latest podcast (show #2) I have another website where I have been posting the show notes – it is kind of cumbersome though – and noone clicks through – so perhaps I shall just post the notes right here! Here they are!!


I am so happy that I have recorded the second podcast!  It means that YES, I AM REALLY DOING THIS!

As far as the show notes go – I should definitely show you 2 things:  The TABLE and the BLOCK that I was talking about during the show – the one with the improvised house and pieced blocks.

One side of the table – those containers on top are empty baby formula cans that I recovered using Heather Bailey’s Fresh Cut Line.

The Table

The other side of the table with my mini bolts!

Table 2

American Jane ‘Playtime’ Quilt block.  I am a member of this block of the month club. 

This is a great shop, Thimblecreek – located in Concord California.

American Jane Playtime Block #1
These are the clouds I improvised because the house turned out smaller than was called for.

Added the Clouds

I added the letter stitching ‘fly fly fly’ just for fun.

close up of applique

Currently on the machine is this quilt – FRAKTUR – by The Rabbit Factory – started about 2 years ago!  But it shall be finished one day….

On the machine
Here is a picture of what the whole quilt will look like when it’s done!


I mentioned a cutting mat in my podcast and promised a link to the website – so here it is – I will be reviewing the mat in a future show!