Episode 90:: #QuiltconReject

This, the 90th episode of Within A Quarter Inch, examines what it means that my quilts were rejected from QuiltCon…

There is also talk of preparing to teach and then teaching classes, contributing a quilt to […]

This is not an apology post.. and a new quilt reveal!

I read it all the time.. I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a long time. I have been so busy, sorry I haven’t put up a podcast. I promise to be better… you know […]

Bonus Episode No. 89 Chatting with a beginner quilter!

A listener of Within A Quarter Inch emailed me and asked ‘Hey, can I be a guest on your show? I want to ask you some questions because I am a beginner and I think […]

My Week on Instagram

Ready for another round of ‘My week on Instagram?’

OK – maybe it was more than a week….

Quilting for a living

Quilting for a living.

Sounds pretty good – but what does it actually mean?  I am on an epic adventure to find out. OK, it may not be epic, but I do plan to keep asking […]