Episode 86 How to Destash on Instagram

I recently did a major fabric destash on instagram.

I shipped 178 packages from my home within 30 days.

And I net over $3,700 dollars.

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The Pattern That Changed my Life

Abby Glassenberg from the awesome site, While She Naps, has been running a weekly series this summer called The Pattern that  changed my Life and she asked me to participate. 

I’ve enjoying reading all of the stories over the summer, so be sure to go back and read about how some amazing folks can trace the trajectory of their craftiness back to a single book or patten!

If you have been with me for a while, then you might be able to guess which one changed mine… 

Today is the day my story is posted so go see if you’re right!

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The Storm before the Calm

When you go through a major destash – things get strewn about willy, nilly, and everything in between.

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Instagram #thegreatfabricdestash

I have spent the last 2+ weeks entirely engaged with selling ‘destash’ items on Instagram.

Fabrics, Books, and Magazines.

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Edyta Sitar’s Craftsy Class

I did it again. I have enrolled in another Craftsy class – this time it is one being taught by Edyta Sitar and it is called Garden of Possibilities

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